Cebu Teacher Kicks Grade 8 Student in Classroom

Cebu Teacher Now Under Investigation After Kicking Grade 8 Student

A Cebu teacher faces a massive amount of criticism online for pulling then kicking a grade student in class.

A 14-year-old student in Cebu experienced a distressing incident when his teacher allegedly pulled and kicked him in front of his classmates. The entire incident was captured on camera and elicited reactions from netizens.

The suspect who has been in the profession for 24 years had no prior record of assaulting students. Both the student and the teacher have chosen to remain anonymous.

Cebu Teacher

Dr. Cindy Perigo, the school’s principal, explained that this incident was an isolated one. She mentioned that the school promptly engaged the parents in discussions following the incident, with separate meetings held for the father and the mother.

Additionally, an incident report was forwarded to the Department of Education for further examination.

The teacher reportedly expressed regret for his actions during a discussion that was held on Friday, February 23, 2024, including the student, his parents, and representatives from the Department of Education, including a legal officer.

The Department of Education reiterated that it will not tolerate any kind of abuse of students, including emotional, psychological, mental, or physical abuse.

DepEd-Cebu City Legal Office Attorney III Atty. Vilpa Villabas said that the educator acknowledged being overwhelmed by emotions and issued a sincere apology. Despite the ongoing investigation, the teacher will continue working.

“The teacher sincerely asked for an apology. Being a teacher and a leader in the community, he affirmed that he has committed certain act which was contrary to the prevailing policy in DepEd, which is to protect the welfare of the student,” Villabas said.

Cebu Teacher

However, the school will take precautionary measures to ensure that the teacher and student do not encounter each other. On the other hand, the student will get support through psychological intervention and debriefing.

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