Mariel Padilla Issue: Netizens Reacts To IV Drip Session In Senate

MARIEL PADILLA ISSUE – People online have different reactions after the actress-host shares a photo of her doing this in the senate. Under a seemingly tight circumstance, Padilla decided to have her IV drip session inside the senate office of her husband Robin Padilla. For many people, it looks inappropriate to do this treatment inside a prestigious building.

Mariel Padilla Gets Gluta Drip In A Senate Office, Netizens React

People online have these various comments over this photo of Mariel Padilla in a senate office.

Vlogger-host Mariel Padilla gets a gluta drip inside the senate office of Robin Padilla and netizens have these various comments.

Self-care is essential. This way, you can manage stress, lower your illness, and among others that can positively impact your health and life in general. However, in doing your self-care shenanigans, should you do it in a place like your husband’s office in the Senate?

Mariel Padilla is in hot water after she received an intravenous (IV) drip session at the senate office of her husband Robin Padilla. In an Instagram post that has since been deleted, the actress-host shared a photo of her in the middle of her session as she was there to show her support for the Eddie Garcia Bill.

“Drip anywhere is our motto, hehehe,” Mariel captioned the post. According to her, she had to do it in her husband’s office as she will be late with her appointment and even furthered explaining the benefits of getting a drip.

An IV drip is a type of IV therapy that is used to directly deliver nutrients and hydration into the bloodstream for immediate absorption. It is performed by a healthcare professional. A cannula will be inserted into the vein.

She explained that its benefits include collagen production, whitening, energy, metabolism, immunity, and so much more.

However, before she could take down the post, many people already had a screenshot and it spread like wildfire online. Many people did not like it and some found it outrageous. Many believed that it is inappropriate to do this treatment in a prestigious building as the Senate.

See the photo below:

Mariel Padilla

Here are some comments from a post:

Naku po naman mariel hanggang sa senado dala dala mo pa yang arte sa buhay..senado po yan para sa batas.! Hindi po yan Beauty Salon!!

Senado po yan. Hindi beauty shop or kung ano man. Konting respeto naman sa taumbayan. Ilagay sa lugar ang kaartehan

Sana diyan nalang din siya nag live selling

Mariel may tamang place pra sa kaartehan

Jusko bakit ginawang derma ang opisina

Buti na lang mabilis ang mga mosang sa reddit, was able to post it before nya i-delete

She even shared a video of her and watch it below:

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