Toni Gonzaga’s Reaction To Robin, Mariel Padilla’s Valentine’s Date

Here’s Toni Gonzaga’s Reaction To Mariel, Robin Padilla’s Valentine’s Date

TONI GONZAGA – Check out Ultimate Multimedia Star Toni Gonzaga’s reaction to Mariel and Robin Padilla’s Valentine’s date.

While each of these occasions holds significant importance, Valentine’s Day is specifically dedicated to lovers who wish to commemorate their unbreakable bond, cherish romantic moments, and celebrate the precious feelings they share.

Couples mark this special day by relishing each other’s company, going on dinner dates, planning surprises, exchanging romantic gifts, and engaging in other affectionate gestures.

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Mariel Padilla recently shared some pictures showing how she and her husband, Robin Padilla, celebrated Valentine’s Day. The affectionate couple decided to indulge in a steak dinner at home, complemented by non-alcoholic sparkling wine.

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In her Instagram post, Mariel Padilla expressed her happiness in their simple yet meaningful celebration, offering glimpses of their intimate evening together. She warmly recounted how they opted to stay indoors due to her live-selling commitments.

“Steak nights @cookinginafoodmarket non alcoholic sparkling wine hehehe i told Robin sa bahay na lang tayo mag celebrate kasi mag live selling ako hehehe. Buti na kang simple lang ang asawa ko, truth be told mas gusto niya talaga yun. So here is hearts day 2024 at our household. How was your day,” she wrote.

Moreover, it is evident that numerous netizens left comments on the mentioned post, and this includes her friend Toni Gonzaga.

Photo Source: @marieltpadilla IG

In a previous article, Toni Gonzaga disclosed that her husband Paul Soriano is the one refilling the money in her wallet. The Ultimate Multimedia Star revealed this in Darla Sauler’s bag raid vlog. She also admitted that she was not fond of having bags ever since.

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