Toni Gonzaga Reveals Paul Soriano ‘Refills” Her Wallet

Toni Gonzaga mentioned her husband in this recent interview

Ultimate Multimedia Star Toni Gonzaga revealed that her husband filmmaker Paul Soriano is the one refilling the money in her wallet.

Toni has come a long way since she started her career in the entertainment industry. From doing commercials and supporting roles, she was able to become a lead star and a main host.

Despite the success that she has achieved as an actress and a host, Toni remained true to the things important to her.

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The Ultimate Multimedia Star guested on Darla Sauler’s bag raid vlog, based on the article in Bandera. Toni Gonzaga already guested on this vlog a few years ago but Darla noticed that many things about the celebrity remained the same.

Toni admitted that she was not fond of having bags ever since. Then, she shared that there was a time when her sister Alex Gonzaga gifted her with a Birkin bag and since she was planning to renovate her kitchen and what she wanted was so expensive, she decided to sell it. However, Alex found out and confronted her.

The bag that Toni brought for the recent bag raid was from Alex as well. It’s still Hermes but not a Birkin anymore. The actress-host showed a small wallet because she is not fond of wallets as well and bringing cash.

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Tingnan natin kung may cash. Si Paul ang nagre-refill ng pera ko,” Toni shared and Darla answered, “Ang saya! Sana All!”

The actress-host shared that even before they got married, Paul already knew that she does not always bring cash. With this, her husband would always put money in her wallet. “Oy! May kaperahan, na-refill! Pambili ng mga kape, pang take out,” Toni Gonzaga said after checking her wallet. She shared that her husband would always do this if she went out.

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