Catriona Gray: Is She Debunking Breakup Rumors w/ Sam Milby?

Catriona Gray and Sam Milby are the latest subjects of breakup rumors

Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray appeared to be debunking the rumors that she and her fiance actor Sam Milby broke up.

Celebrity breakups were among the hottest showbiz topics in 2023 and it seems that this is continuing this year. As early as January, rumored breakups in showbiz have been catching the attention of many netizens.

It was confirmed that actor Jericho Rosales and his wife model Kim Jones ended their relationship back in 2019. The confirmation came after the persistent rumor that they were no longer together.

catriona gray sam milby
📷: @catriona_gray IG

February is considered the heart month but breakup rumors continue to circulate. Allegedly actress Bea Alonzo and his fiance businessman Dominic Roque broke up as she was seen not wearing her engagement ring.

Speaking of the engagement rings, netizens noticed also that Catriona Gray was not wearing her engagement ring from Sam Milby during recent events. With this, netizens also speculated that there might be something wrong between them. However, there were netizens also who refused to believe the rumors that they were breaking up.

Following this issue, Catriona shared a post tagging Sam. “A little adventure [dog emojis, yellow heart emoji],” she wrote in the caption of her post.

catriona gray post
📷: @catriona_gray IG via FP

It was a series of random chill photos and netizens loved the fact that she was enjoying. This was shared on a popular showbiz site and netizens expressed various reactions.

A netizen said that Catriona does not need the drama while another one said that people are just making it a big deal when a woman is not wearing her engagement ring. Some netizens also said that this is for all the “marites.” Here are some comments.

📷: via FP

Sam Milby and Catriona Gray announced their engagement in February last year. The couple has not shared anything yet regarding their wedding preparations.

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