VIDEO: Julia Barretto Receives Louis Vuitton Christmas Gift From Gerald Anderson

Gerald Anderson Gifts Julia Barretto An Expensive Bag

JULIA BARRETTO – Actress and vlogger Julia Barretto received a Louis Vuitton Christmas gift from her boyfriend Gerald Anderson.

Gerald Anderson’s confirmation of his relationship with Julia Barretto stirred up controversy on social media. Even prior to the confirmation, rumors about them had already been circulating, fueled by accusations that the actor had ghosted his ex-girlfriend, Kapuso actress Bea Alonzo.

Despite the various controversies, Gerald and Julia’s relationship flourished, and fans eagerly anticipate that they would get married soon.

Gerald Anderson and Julia Barretto

According to a recent interview featured in Pang Masa, Dani Barretto mentioned that a wedding is not immediately on the horizon for Julia Barretto and Gerald Anderson. Julia is set to turn 27 this year. Although in a previous statement, Julia expressed her desire to settle down at the age of 26.

As the older sister, Dani advised Julia to savor the moment and enjoy her time. She also shared that Julia and Gerald are relishing each other’s company, recounting a family vacation to the States where they spent time with Gerald.

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Photo Source: Youtube

A viral video featuring Julia Barretto has captured the hearts of many. Earlier, Marjorie Barretto Marjorie uploaded a 22-minute vlog on YouTube, chronicling their Christmas Eve and a day spent in Los Angeles with Gerald’s family.

In this vlog, viewers were treated to a special moment where Julia unwrapped a gift from her boyfriend. Numerous netizens were taken aback by the nature of the gift.

In the viral footage, Julia’s reactions while unwrapping Gerald’s gift elicited smiles from netizens. Gerald gave her a luxurious Louis Vuitton bag, known for its hefty price tag.

Watch the video below (8:30 hit mark):

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