LTO Fees 2024 Based on Violation — A Guide for Motorists, Vehicle Owners in PH

Lists of LTO Fees 2024 for Violation of Traffic, Driving Rules

LTO FEES 2024 – Here is a guide for motorists and vehicle owners in the Philippines regarding the fines for traffic and driving violations.

Among the most important rules in the land are those that were crafted for the safety of everyone on the road. In the Philippines, the said regulations were set and implemented by the Land Transportation Office or more popularly called LTO. It is one of the offices under the state thus it has a branch in all regions in the country.

LTO Fines and Penalties
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The Land Transportation Office is the body that issues driver’s license to any Filipino who is qualified to drive – has passed the written driving test as well as the physical exam. The LTO also requires a medical examination as well as the submission of several documents for application.

Not only that the LTO issues a driver’s license, it is also where the vehicles that are bound to operate on the road must be registered. Renewals of driver’s license and car registration are also done at the same office.

LTO Fees 2024
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Obtaining a driver’s license and having your car registered to the LTO are not the only requirements. It is important to adhere with the traffic rules and driving regulations for road safety. It will also prevent you from incurring the LTO fees 2024 which may cost you some amounts.

Driving without a valid license₱3,000
Not wearing a helmetFirst offense: ₱1,500
Second offense: ₱3,000
Third offense: ₱5,000
Fourth and succeeding offenses: ₱10,000
Wearing substandard helmet or without ICC sticker1st offense: ₱3,000
2nd offense: ₱5,000
Not wearing a seat belt1st offense: ₱1,000.00
2nd offense: ₱2,000.00
3rd offense: ₱5,000.00
+ suspension of license for one (1) week
Reckless driving1st Offense: ₱2,000
2nd offense: ₱3,000 + suspension of license for 3 months
3rd offense: ₱10,000 + suspension of license for 6 months
Driving under the influence of alcohol and/or prohibited drugs₱50,000 to ₱500,000 + imprisonment or license revocation

The Land Transportation Office has also set violations pertaining to the vehicle. Here are the other LTO fees 2024 which motorists and vehicle owners must be aware of:

Driving an unregistered motor vehicleDriver: ₱2,000.00
Owner: ₱10,000 + vehicle impoundment
Unauthorized Motor Vehicle Modification₱5,000+ vehicle impoundment
Operating a right-hand-drive MV₱50,000+ vehicle impoundment
MV operating with defective, improper, or.
unauthorized accessories, devices, equipment and parts
₱5,000 + vehicle impoundment
Failure to attach, improper attachment or tampering of
license plates and/or a third plate sticker.
Smoke belchingFirst offense: ₱2,000
Second offense: ₱4,000
Third offense and subsequent offenses: ₱6,000 + 1 year suspension of Motor Vehicle Registration (MVR)
Fraud in MV Registration/Renewal₱3,000 + vehicle impoundment
+ barred from registration for 1 year
  • Step 1 — Check your specific violation which can be found in the ticket issued to you by the LTO officer. Get the code as you may be needing it in the payment of your LTO fees.
  • Step 2 — Make sure you have the amount for the fine as well as the documents required in the payment for the violation. Bring the following:
    • violation ticket
    • vehicle’s certificate of registration (CR)
    • vehicle’s official receipt (OR)
    • your driver’s license
  • Step 3 — Go to an LTO authorized payment center and settle the fine. You may also pay for the penalty through the accredited banks and payment partners of the Land Transportation Office.
  • Step 4 — Keep the receipt of the paid LTO violation. Go to the LTO and present your proof of payment for the clearing of the record to be cleared or the release of your driver’s license.

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