Disappointed Customer Slams Popular Fast-Food Chain Branch Over Undersized Fried Chicken

Disappointed Customer Shares Unpleasant Experience Over Undersized Fried Chicken

A disappointed customer has shared her unpleasant experience with a popular fast-food chain for serving undersized fried chicken.

Luiza Capulan, a Facebook user, expressed her disappointment after receiving what she described as a “skin and bone” fried chicken from a Jollibee branch. The post garnered various reactions from the online community.

Luiza ordered a 1-piece Chicken Joy for takeout at Jollibee Maypajo Caloocan. After a short wait, she received her order and decided to leave. Riding an e-bike on the way home, they also bought lemon juice.

Disappointed Customer

However, upon opening the chicken at home, Luiza’s sister discovered it seemed almost empty, with more bones than meat. Disappointed, they decided to return to the store, spending extra for transportation.

Upon reaching the store, they approached the crew and explained the situation. Luiza’s friend expressed their disappointment, mentioning that they work in fast food and wouldn’t serve such food. The crew initially claimed it was the normal condition of the chicken.

The disappointed customer insisted it didn’t look like chicken and might just be bones. The matter was brought to the manager, who stated they couldn’t replace the chicken as it had already been handed over.

Disappointed Customer

Capulan argued that it’s the responsibility of the staff to check the quality before giving it to customers, especially for takeout orders. The manager mentioned the time of the order, implying the chicken had been sitting for a while.

The latter presented the receipt, emphasizing that even if it had been some time, there should still be edible meat. She showed the chicken to the manager, pointing out the lack of substantial meat and an abundance of bones.

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The customer questioned whether they thought anyone could eat it. Despite this, the manager insisted they couldn’t replace it. Disheartened, Luiza left, expressing hope that such incidents won’t happen again in the future.

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