Barbie Forteza On Issues About Love Team, Real-Life Relationship

Here’s what Barbie Forteza said about the issues of her reel and real life partners.

Kapuso actress Barbie Forteza on the issues of her love team and personal life following the apparent success of “Maria Clara At Ibarra”.

Among the lead stars of “Maria Clara At Ibarra” is Kapuso actress Barbie Forteza. It was a successful series that can now be watched on a famous streaming platform. Through this series, BarDa was discovered, as the love team of Barbie with David Licauco.

It is also because of this series that “Pambansang Ginoo” was coined for Licauco.

The success of the BarDa love team, however, was both overwhelming and blissful for them, especially the actress. It was so overwhelming because some have crossed the boundaries of the reel and real in their lives.

As much as we all know, Barbie’s real-life boyfriend is actor Jak Roberto. However, in today’s show business, when a pair is accepted by the public, fandoms would demand that they should be real.

And this, for the actress, has taken a toll on her peace that there was a time when she needed to go to her sister in the USA to take a break. According to her, the comments are affecting her. She’s clarified several times already that she, her boyfriend, and her love team are all on good terms but she cannot stand the questions asked of her over and over again about it.

She also did not like it when people were raving about her love life when all that she ever wanted was to put the spotlight on her work as an actress. She doesn’t want this aspect of her life to shade her achievements as an artist.

In the same interview with Luis Manzano, she shared that in her career, among her goals is to work with several award-winning artists like Joel Torre and Vilma Santos. She also would like to work with the great Cherie Gil but the actress has already passed away.

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