SSS Unemployment Benefit 2023 — How To File Claim & the Requirements You Must Prepare

Guide on How To Claim SSS Unemployed Benefit 2023 Offer for Members

SSS UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFIT 2023 – Here is a guide on how to file a claim for the Social Security System benefit offer for members.

In the Philippines, millions of Filipinos are members of the Social Security System, a state-run social insurance institution in the country. There are also a lot of Pinoys abroad who maintained an active and updated membership to the state institution. There are a lot of benefits for doing so.

SSS Unemployment Benefit 2023
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To keep an updated and active account with SSS, a member must pay the monthly contribution rate based on the SSS Contribution Table 2023. The rates vary depending on a member’s source of income as well as the amount he/she earns in a day.

SSS members who have updated and active accounts to the state-run social insurance institution may avail the benefit offers most especially in times of drastic needs. One of these is the SSS Unemployment Benefit 2023 that members can turn to in times of job loss.

Social Security System (SSS)
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Under the Unemployment Benefit offer of the Social Security System, a member may turn to the state-run social insurance agency for some financial aid after involuntarily losing his/her job. The situation includes the realignment of positions in a company that resulted to the abolition of a certain post or office.

However, there are also limitations with regards to the releasing of the SSS Unemployment Benefit. The following grounds are considered disqualified from making the claim to the state-run social insurance agency:

  • Serious misconduct or violation of the company’s rules and regulations
  • Willful disobedience of legal orders from the employer or company
  • Gross and habitual neglect of duties
  • Voluntary resignation
  • Willful breach of trust or commission of dishonesty
  • Commission of crime or offense

With regards to the amount that a member will receive, according to the state-run social insurance agency, it is “equivalent to twice the half of the member’s average monthly salary credit (AMSC)”. There is an easy process on how to file a claim for the SSS Unemployment Benefit 2023:

Step 1 — Check the Eligibility Requirements.

There are SSS account qualifications under the Unemployment Benefit offer. To be eligible to make the claim, the member must be:

  • an active member of the Social Security System before the involuntary separation from work
  • at least 18 years of age but not over 60 years old
  • has posted at least 36 monthly contributions within the last 12 months prior to losing job
  • has not received any other SSS benefit
  • has no unsettled SSS Unemployment Benefit within the last three (3) years before the date of the current unemployment started
Step 2 — Prepare the Documentary Requirements.

In filing a claim, there are documentary requirements for SSS Unemployment Benefit that you must prepare and submit to the state-run social insurance agency. Make sure you have the original copies of the documents even those that are asked in photocopy form for submission.

Step 3 — Go to SSS.

Visit a branch of the Social Security System (SSS) nearest to you. Submit your requirements in filing a claim for the SSS Unemployment Benefit offer.

Step 4 — Wait for the Release of your Money.

Wait for an update from the SSS regarding the status of your benefit claim application. The money will be released based on your chosen mode of disbursement.

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