SSS Sickness Benefit 2023 — How To File Claim & the Requirements You Must Prepare

Guide on How To Claim SSS Sickness Benefit 2023 Offer for Members

SSS SICKNESS BENEFIT 2023 – Here is a guide on how to file a claim for the Social Security System benefit offer for members.

In the Philippines, one of the wise moves is to keep an active and updated account with the Social Security System or more popularly called SSS. It is a state-run social insurance institution that has millions of members across the nation as well as members abroad.

Social Security System (SSS)
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The SSS member populace is mostly composed of locally-employed individuals and self-employed individuals. Meanwhile, there are also overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) and voluntary members of the state-run social insurance institution.

To keep an active and updated account with the SSS, a member must pay the monthly contribution as per the SSS Contribution Table 2023. An updated account may qualify the member to the loans and benefits offered by the state-run social insurance institution.

SSS Sickness Benefit 2023
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One of the benefits offered by the Social Security System is the SSS Sickness Benefit 2023. It aims to help the members augment their financial needs amid their absence from work due to an illness or injury that caused them to be absent at work.

Each member is entitled to up to 120 days of eligibility to the Sickness Benefit. The SSS Sickness Benefit Allowance varies among members depending on certain factors including the member’s average daily credit.

There is an easy process in applying for the SSS Sickness Benefit 2023 offer. Here are the steps that you may consider to ensure a smooth processing of the claim.

Step 1 — Check the Eligibility Requirements.

Check the eligibility requirements set by the state-run social insurance institution. To qualify, the member must be:

  • sick or injured and is unable to report to work
  • confined at a hospital or at home for at least four (4) days
  • paid at least three (3) months of contributions within the 12-month period immediately before the semester of sickness or injury
  • used up all company sick leaves with pay for the current year
  • duly notified his or her employer
Step 2 — Prepare the Documentary Requirements.

There are documentary requirements for SSS Sickness Benefit claim application that the member or an authorized representative must prepare and submit to the Social Security System. The lists of documents include both the requirements for submission and presentation.

Step 3 — Go to SSS.

Submit your documents to a branch of the Social Security System nearest to you. You may also ask an authorized representative to do the filing of the claim for you but there must be an authorization letter.

Step 4 — Wait for an update from the SSS.

Wait for a notification from the Social Security System through a call, a text message, or an email address. The money will be released by the SSS based on your chosen disbursement method.

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