Vice Ganda Received “Pinakamalakas Na Sampal” From Maricel Soriano

Netizens have these comments when Maricel Soriano revealed Vice Ganda received the strongest slap from her.

A “sampal” from Maricel Soriano is a dream come true to many celebrities and Vice Ganda is accordingly the one who received the strongest “sampal”.

“Diamond Star” Maricel Soriano is known for her fervent acting and realistic slapping scenes. Her “sampal” scenes are so iconic that many celebrities have been dreaming of being added to the list of those she has worked with and among those who were slapped by her in a scene.

Many celebrities expressed interest that she even told those who are interested to be careful about what they wish for as her “sampal” could hurt.

In 2021, Soriano’s “sampalan scene with Dingdong Dantes went viral. The actor admitted that it was something he had never experienced before. This controversial scene was taken for the series “Ang Dalawang Mrs. Real”.

Why being slapped with the Diamond Star is a dream for the actors? According to those who have experienced this, the way she does it is just so realistic that a fellow actress shared that she once saw stars after being slapped by Soriano.

According to Soriano, this scene is something she could not fake.

On Twitter, she encouraged her followers to ask her anything and one of them asked her this: “Sino po ang nakatikim ng pinakamalakas niyong sampal?”

In response, the much-esteemed pillar of the industry said that it is Vice Ganda because he bled.

To recall, they have worked together in a film before called “Girl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy”. The titular roles were all played by the comedian superstar and portraying the mother role for these characters is Soriano.

There was a scene where he slapped Vice.

Here are some comments:

My gahd, as in? Sa lakas ng sampal biglang nagka-period si vice?

Yung masampal ka ni Inay Maria is such a blessing hahahaha

hahahahahaha that scene from Girl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy

Dingdong ata parang nawala sa ulirat si Dingdong literal na umulan ng sampal ang intense ng scene na yon grabe

Hindi ba si Diet? Binilang ko sampal mo sa kanya 42. Char

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