McDonalds Menu Price 2023 — A Guide for Orders to McDo Philippines

List of McDonalds Menu Price 2023 You Can Use as Reference for Orders

MCDONALDS MENU PRICE 2023 – You can check the lists below for the prices of the foods offered by McDo Philippines.

Are you one of the people who love eating at McDonald’s or more popularly called McDo in the Philippines? It is one of the biggest and most popular fastfood chains not only in the country but as well as abroad. It is actually an American multinational fast food chain that was founded in 1940.

McDonalds Philippines
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There are several branches of McDonald’s in the Philippines. In fact, the fastfood chain has a branch in most cities and municipalities in the country. There are countless Filipinos who love eating at McDo.

McDo is most popular for its burgers and crispy fried chicken. It has several different burgers offers that differ on the ingredients used in the inside of the sandwich. The fastfood chain also serves crispy French fries.

McDonalds Menu Price 2023
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Aside from the fried chicken, burgers, and fries which are among the most-ordered foods in most McDonald’s branches in the Philippines, the fastfood chain also offers burger steak, spaghetti, pies, and desserts. It has sundae which comes in chocolate and caramel flavors.

McDonald’s food offers are a hit not only because of their delicious taste but also their affordable costs. The list of McDonalds Menu Price 2023 contains food costs that are budget-friendly even for students and those who are on a tight budget.

McDonald’s has dine-in, take-out, and delivery services. For a guide in ordering food to McDo, download the app of the fastfood chain and do the following:

  • Click “Order” from the menu bar’s bottom and switch from “Pickup” to “McDelivery”.
  • Enter the address where you want the food delivered. You will be notified if McDelivery® is available in your area.
  • Once McDelivery is confirmed, you can begin ordering food.
  • If you are done making an order, follow the checkout process in the app, sit back and wait for the McDonald’s delivery.

Here’s the list of each McDonalds Menu Price 2023:

Chicken Value Meals
1pc Chicken McDo with Fries (Original)₱105.00
1pc Chicken McDo with Fries (Spicy)₱108.00
1pc Chicken McDo with Mushroom Soup (Original)₱125.00
1pc Chicken McDo with Mushroom Soup (Spicy)₱128.00
1pc Chicken McDo (Original)₱95.00
1pc Chicken McDo (Spicy)₱98.00
1pc Chicken McDo with Fries and Burger McDo (Original)₱140.00
1pc Chicken McDo with Fries and Burger McDo (Spicy)₱143.00
1pc Chicken McDo with Fries and McFlurry (Original)₱150.00
1pc Chicken McDo with Fries and McFlurry (Spicy)₱153.00
2pc Chicken McDo (Original)₱167.00
2pc Chicken McDo (Spicy)₱170.00
6pc McNuggets with Fries₱148.00
6pc McNuggets with Rice₱145.00
McShare Box 6pc Chicken McDo₱330.00
McShare Box 8pc Chicken McDo₱440.00
Burger Value Meals
Cheeseburger (Small)₱100.00
Cheeseburger (Medium)₱120.00
Burger Mcdo (Small)₱86.00
Burger Mcdo (Medium)₱106.00
Cheesy Burger McDo (Small)₱96.00
Cheesy Burger McDo (Medium)₱116.00
McCrispy Chicken Sandwich (Small)₱96.00
McCrispy Chicken Sandwich (Medium)₱116.00
Cheeseburger Deluxe (Small)₱124.00
Cheeseburger Deluxe (Medium)₱144.00
Double Cheeseburger (Small)₱140.00
Double Cheeseburger (Medium)₱160.00
McChicken (Small)₱146.00
McChicken (Medium)₱166.00
Quarter Pounder with Cheese (Small)₱173.00
Quarter Pounder with Cheese (Medium)₱193.00
Big Mac (Small)₱173.00
Big Mac (Medium)₱193.00
Value Meals
1pc Mushroom Pepper Steak₱69.00
2pc Mushroom Pepper Steak₱90.00
Chicken Katsu₱90.00
McCrispy Chicken Fillet with Drink₱69.00
McCrispy Chicken Fillet with Drink and Fries₱89.00
McCrispy Chicken Fillet Ala King with Drink₱69.00
McCrispy Chicken Fillet Ala King with Drink and Fries₱89.00
1pc Mushroom Pepper Steak with Egg Meal₱90.00
2pc Mushroom Pepper Steak with Egg Meal₱112.00
McSpaghetti Meals
McSpaghetti with Drink and Fries₱94.00
McSpaghetti with Drink₱64.00
McSpaghetti Solo₱56.00
McSpaghetti with Burger McDo and Drink₱95.00
1pc Chicken McDo with McSpaghetti and Drink₱125.00
McSpaghetti Platter (Good for 4-5)₱220.00
Happy Meals
McSpaghetti with Drink₱99.00
McSpaghetti with Drink and Fries₱120.00
Burger McDo with Drink₱92.00
Burger McDo with Drink and Fries₱113.00
Cheesy Burger McDo with Drink₱102.00
Cheesy Burger McDo with Drink and Fries₱123.00
4pc Chicken McNuggets with Drink₱112.00
4pc Chicken McNuggets with Drink and Fries₱131.00
1pc Chicken McDo with Drink₱121.00
1pc Chicken McDo with Drink and Fries₱141.00
Chicken McDo (Good for 3)₱499.00
Chicken McDo (Good for 4)₱690.00
Chicken McNuggets Box (Box of 10)₱180.00
Chicken McNuggets Box (Box of 20)₱350.00
McSpaghetti Platter (Good for 4-5)₱220.00
Fries n McFloat Combo (BFF Fries)₱214.00
Fries n McFloat Combo (Medium Fries)₱79.00
Sundae Blends₱139.00
Shake Shake Fries (M)₱65.00
World Famous Fries (M)₱55.00
McCrispy Chicken Sandwich₱45.00
Burger McDo₱35.00
Milk Tea McFloat with Brown Sugar Pearls (M0₱75.00
McDo Shake (S)₱70.00
McFlurry with Oreo₱49.00
Apple Pie₱35.00
Coke McFloat (M)₱29.00
McCafe Coffee Float₱59.00
Flavored McCafe Iced Coffee₱50.00
Original McCafe Iced Coffee₱40.00
McCafe Iced Coffee (Medium)₱50.00
McCafe Iced Coffee (Large)₱70.00

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