Francine Diaz and Clem Castro Speak Following Controversial Incident

In an interview, Francine Diaz and Clem Castro finally speak about the issue.

Following the incident at Occidental Mindoro, Francine Diaz and Clem Castro of Orange and Lemons finally clear the air.

It looks like all is well now between Francine Diaz and Clem Castro following the controversial incident in Occidental Mindoro.

Francine Diaz and Clem Castro

To recall, the issue between Francine and Orange and Lemons circulated online. In the event, frontman Clem Castro asked for respect for artists. This is after the event host called Francine to go up on stage while they were still getting ready for their number. The video of this incident went viral online.

Finally speaking about this, the actress and the Orange and Lemons frontman spoke in an exclusive interview with ABS-CBN.

In the interview, producer and organizer Kylee Dioneda apologized and taken accountability for what has happened that created a confusion among people. According to him, everything was due to miscommunication.

Everything just got out of hand because of social media and Castro was frustrated as to how things quickly turned out in a negative manner.

“What you see online, all the videos and the postings, were just mere speculations. There’s no clear representation on what happened online. Kami lang lahat nakakaalam and we discussed it internally,” he stressed.

On Friday, the involved personalities along with their managers and organizers of the Occidental Mindoro event have a meeting to talk things out. The organizer explained her side and expressed that they were all tired for all that has happened as the event got delayed for two hours.

“The show was two hours delayed. So, ambilis ng pangyayari. Magulo backstage. Things got out of hand and out of control,” he said. Diaz added that there was no briefing backstage sans the confusion.

Francine Diaz and Clem Castro

Currently, everything has been ironed out already. She apologized to the Orange and Lemons frontman and explained that it was not her intention to disrespect anyone. She said, “Nag-apologize din po ako kay Sir Clem, kasi kahit hindi ko po intention na mag-disrespect, ganun po ang nangyari. Ganun yung naging kalabasan.”

Moreover, it looked like this issue will lead to future collaboration between them as Francine shared that Clem offered to write a song for if she decides one day to sing. He can also arrange a song she’s written if she has one.

As for her part, she invited him to see her movie with Seth Fedelin. She said, “Ako rin po as my peace offering, ininvite ko po siya sa araw na isho-show yung first movie namin ni Seth.”

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