Wife Shares Amusing Discovery in Husband’s Pocket “Sabi ko pa’mandin jackpot!”

Adorable Wife Shares Chowking’s Toyomansi She Found Inside Husband’s Pants Pocket

An adorable wife goes viral online for sharing an amusing discovery on her husband’s pants pocket “Sabi ko pa’mandin jackpot!”

Over the past few weeks, it has become a trend on social media to prank your spouse by surprising them with various items, often symbolizing wealth or extravagance, only to reveal a humorous twist.

Maydirence Taiño–Velarde, a Facebook user, recently shared a photo of an object in her husband’s pants pocket. The post immediately spread like wildfire on social media and earned reactions from the online community.


Velarde, who has taken care of their laundry since their wedding in February of this year, was in the midst of doing their household chores when she discovered an object from the pocket of her partner’s pants.

“Bali ako po talaga ang naglalaba ng mga damit namin ng hubby ko mula po nung kinasal kami February this year. So habang nagbabanlaw po ako, may nakapa po ako sa bulsa ng pantalon ng asawa ko na ginagamit nya for everyday work so bago ko sya tignan kinapa ko muna nag bakasakali na baka nga po pera na naiwan sa bulsa haha!” Velarde said.

As she was rinsing clothes, her fingers brushed against an object in her husband’s pants pocket, which she initially thought was money. In her mind, she thinks of P100, P500, or P1,000 banknotes.

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However, she found a “toyomansi” packet from Chowking instead of a paper bill.

“Ang expect ko po ay color yellow, violet or baka jumackpot e tatlong ulo pa hahaha. Kaya nung tignan ko na po e “Toyomansi” po pala ng chowking dahil nauuso po ngayon sa social media yung gulatin mo ang asawa mo bigyan mo naman ng 5k na minsan po e binibiro ko din ang asawa ko hehe,” she added.

The social media users expressed their reactions to this housewife’s hilarious encounter:

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