Ex-Policeman in Viral Road Rage Apologizes, Insists Cyclist Slaps His Car

Ex-Policeman in Viral Road Rage Offers Apology and Claimed It Was Self-Defense

The ex-policeman Wilfredo Gonzales in viral road rage video apologized for pulling out a gun but insisted that the cyclist slapped his car.

On Tuesday (September 5, 2023), the former cop claimed that he drew his gun on cyclist Allan Bandiola as an act of self-defense. Gonzales accused the cyclist of slapping his vehicle with a heavy glove with knuckles made of hard plastic during the traffic altercation.

The latter alleged that his vehicle suffered damage when Allan allegedly hit his sedan. Gonzales explained that Bandiola reportedly cursed and raised a dirty finger against him. The cyclist’s action provoked his anger.


However, the ex-police officer defended his actions by stating that he felt threatened and that he needed to protect himself from the cyclist. He believed that Bandiola was about to attack him during their traffic altercation.

“Dinepensa ko lang po ang sarili ko at 45 degrees lang po, alam niyo naman po ‘yun. Naka 45 degrees lang po pag gusto lang natin i-disable ‘yung tao if ever susugurin niya ako,” Gonzales said.

Committee chairman Senator Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa emphasized that even if Gonzales did not point the gun at Bandiola, his actions could still be considered gun-toting under the Revised Penal Code.

Eventually, the suspect offered an apology for his actions during the road rage incident and expressed remorse for hitting Bandiola and pulling out a gun.

“Humihingi po ako ng tawad sa parte pong ‘yun, ‘yung pambabatok, pagbunot ko, ‘yung pagkasa ko. Humihingi po ako ng tawad sa lahat, hindi lang po sa kanya, sa lahat po sa inyo,” Gonzales said.

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Bandiola admitted becoming aggressive towards Gonzales after being struck on the head but explained that his response was a normal reaction to the initial attack.


The social media users expressed their reactions to the former cop’s latest statement:


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