College Professor in Bacolod City Flexes Tattoos

A college instructor in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental goes viral for flexing his tattoos while wearing his school uniform.

The 31-year-old teacher was identified as Reyan Bantolo Ballaso of Bacolod City College in Negros Occidental. He was teaching Linguistics and Communication subjects.

Ballaso even shared the discrimination and criticisms he experienced for having visible tattoos. His tattoos carry significant meanings.

Proudly Tattooed College Instructor Elicits Comments Online “Tattooed and teaching”

College Instructor Goes Viral Online After Flexing His Tattoos

A proudly tattooed college instructor in Bacolod City goes viral online and elicits reactions from internet users.

A Facebook user named Reyan Bantolo Ballaso showcases his tattoos while wearing his school uniform. His post quickly circulated on social media and garnered various comments from the netizens.

Meet Sir Reyan Bantolo Ballaso, a 31-year-old educator teaching Linguistics and Communication subjects at Bacolod City College in the Philippines breaks down barriers and challenges societal norms.

Proudly Tattooed College Instructor

Usually, educational institutions in the Philippines do not accept teachers and employees with visible tattoos. Tattoos, especially when exposed during teaching, have been met with judgment and criticism, overshadowing a teacher’s qualifications and competence.

Ballaso has faced criticism due to his tattoos throughout his career despite his dedication and achievements. He recounts a disheartening encounter during his tenure at a private school wherein his contributions were overshadowed despite his doctorate degree and leadership role.

He points out the importance of teachers, who are expected to be open-minded and welcoming of individual differences, in dispelling these biases.

Proudly Tattooed College Instructor

The male teacher emphasizes that tattoos can serve as reminders of important people and moments since his tattoos, each carrying significant meaning. He aptly questions why teachers, who teach art and history themselves, perpetuate discrimination against tattoos.

The latter believes that these biases, often passed on to students, contribute to a cycle of discrimination that hinders societal progress. He calls for society to unlearn these biases and understand that tattoos don’t speak of malice and incompetence.

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Here is the full post:

Tattooed and teaching, and have guided thousands of college graduates in the past seven years. Proving that making an impact knows no boundaries.

Happy start of the school year, everybody.

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