Sports Announcer Tito Mikee Airs Dismay After Event Organizer Asks Him to Hide His Tattoo

Sports Announcer Tito Mikee Shares Screenshot of His Conversation w/ Event Organizer Who Asked Him to Hide His Tattoo

Sports announcer Tito Mikee Reyes recently expressed his disappointment after an event organizer requested him to cover his tattoo.

Tattoos have been used for generations as a form of self-expression and cultural value, with people utilizing them to tell stories, commemorate milestones, and display personal views. However, an increasing issue of tattoo discrimination has surfaced in the Philippines, pointing out the need for increased knowledge, understanding, and acceptance.

Tattoo discrimination in the Philippines takes various forms, from subtle prejudices in workplaces to more overt judgments in social settings.

Tito Mikee

Job applicants with visible tattoos may face challenges in securing employment, as employers often hold biases or misconceptions about individuals with body art. These biases can affect career opportunities, professional growth, and financial stability.

Recently, Mikee Reyes, an online personality also known as Tito Mikee, shared screenshots of his exchange with an event organizer. The post garnered various reactions from the online community.

In the photos, the event organizer requested that Reyes wear long sleeves to hide his tattoos due to the presence of numerous children at the event. He realized that the organizers do not want the kids to see his tattoos.

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Tito Mikee Tito Mikee

Tito Mikee declined the organizer’s request. The announcer said that he met many friends and achieved a lot of things for being himself and will never choose to be someone else.

Here is the full post:

“I assume kilala niyo naman sino kinukuha niyo?

1. You couldve just told me na ang attire is formal or need na longsleeves, and i wouldnt look into it.

Susunod naman ako.

2. My tattoos make me bad for kids? Pano kung may ma-impart pala sana akong maganda sakanila?

3. Im sure hindi kasalanan nung kausap ko.

Sinabihan lang naman siya to ask me.

Pero tuloy lang naman tayo, guys.

God is too good, for us to worry abt these things.

I’ve already made more friends and achieved more things, being myself, than i could ever have trying to be someone else.

Ika ng mga tito/tita,


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