Flooding Greets Elementary Students on First Day of School in Pampanga

Elementary Students of in San Gabriel Elementary School in Pampanga Welcomed by Flooding on First Day of Class

Flooding greets the students of San Gabriel Elementary School in Macabebe, Pampanga on the first day of class.

The first day of school is a momentous occasion that marks the beginning of a new chapter in a child’s life. The prospect of meeting new friends, engaging in new activities, and embarking on fresh learning experiences often brings a sense of excitement.

Whether it’s the first day of kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, high school, or even college, the first day sets the tone for the academic year ahead. Many students spend time getting organized, labeling notebooks and folders, and making sure their backpacks are ready to carry the weight of knowledge.


The first day of school is typically filled with fun and excitement, but the students of San Gabriel Elementary School are facing a disheartening situation for the academic year 2023-2024 due to the floodwaters.

The entire school premises have been submerged in floodwater. Both teachers and students are advised to take precautionary measures as they navigate their way to their respective classrooms.

Meanwhile, the situation in the area is being monitored to ensure the safety of school personnel and students. Immediate action and proactive measures are essential to address any potential risks associated with the flooding.


As the days progress, it is hoped that the situation will improve, allowing for a smoother and more conducive learning environment.

Earlier, various local government units have announced the suspension of classes for Tuesday (August 29, 2023) due to the inclement weather condition brought by Typhoon Goring. The adverse weather condition brings strong winds and heavy rains resulting to flooding in several areas.

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