Vendor’s Cellphone Snatched in Quezon City, E-Wallet Emptied

Snatcher Stole Vendor’s Cellphone in Quezon City and Emptied Victim’s E-Wallet

QUEZON CITY – A vendor’s cellphone was snatched right from her hands, with the contents of her e-wallet promptly emptied

The vendor attends to her duties at a bakery in Quezon City when a male suspect entered to purchase a loaf of bread valued at P40. His innocent look, however, quickly gave way to planned criminal act.

After receiving the loaf, the suspect requested a P100 cash-in transaction to his e-wallet. In order to deceive the vendor, the suspect handed over the P100 money prior to the transaction, leading her to believe the transaction was legitimate.


Taking advantage of the situation, he intentionally persuaded the vendor to show her iPhone, revealing the successful transaction on her screen. He took her cellphone as she held it out and fled the scene with the speed of a well-executed escape plan.

Authorities and the bakery owner were confused since the suspect concealed his identity underneath a face mask, making it difficult for the vendor to provide a specific description of the thief.

To make things worse, the bakery owner discovered that the suspect had not only stolen the vendor’s cellphone but had also stolen nearly P7,000 from her e-wallet, as evidenced by transaction records.

In reaction to the event, the bakery owner immediately called the e-wallet provider to establish who owned the contact number associated with the illegal transaction. Local barangay officials have also been informed of the crime, and they have vowed to increase patrolling operations in the area to prevent such incidents in the future.

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The recent snatching incident serves as a reminder to the public to ensure public safety and be more vigilant of our surroundings.

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