Vice Ganda Funny Post About “Boundaries” Earns Comments

Amid the issue of Lea Salonga, Vice Ganda makes this funny post using her iconic line.

VICE GANDA – Kapamilya superstar Vice Ganda has this post using the famous “I have boundaries” line of Lea Salonga.

The encounter between Lea Salonga and her fans who barged into her dressing room became viral online. After that unexpected incident that circulated online, she made herself clear and expressed a reminder.

In a previous article, she said, “Just a reminder… I have boundaries. Do not cross them. Thank you.”

The uploaded video insinuated that the Tony-winning star treated them unfairly backstage. But people online believed otherwise. Many netizens understood what Lea was trying to relay to the fans.

The person who claimed to be her fan uploaded the video and when it drew ire from people online, he took it down. The uploader broke his silence and expressed he was not regretful for uploading and was not sorry.

In an interview, the uploader said, “Hindi ako nagsisisi na pinost ko s’ya. Kasi nga lumuwag ‘yung dibdib ko. Nailabas ko ‘yung disappointment ko, ‘yung sama ng loob na nasa dibdib ko, nailabas ko na siya.”

And recently, amid the loud buzz this issue created online, Kapamilya superstar-comedian Vice Ganda shared a post. It has a funny caption that used the same line the theater actress used when she reminded her followers about the boundaries that should not be crossed.

Vice’s post said, “I have boundaries. Do not cross them. Or my babies will eat you! 🤪”

See below:

In the photos, Vice shared several snaps of him with his dogs. The photos were taken outside his huge house. It also caught the attention of many people online.

Here are some comments:

Ang dame na ng mga furbabies! 😍

willing to cross that boundaries, ako pa mag thank you sa dogs for biting me. ganda mo meme!!! 😭❤️

lakas maka college vibes 😍😍

Pwede po bang rumaket as Yaya ng doggies


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