Fan Who Reportedly Entered Lea Salonga’s Dressing Room Speaks Up

One Fan Who Reportedly Entered Lea Salonga’s Dressing Room Breaks Silence Amid Controversy

A fan who reportedly entered Lea Salonga’s dressing room breaks silence for the first time after the controversial video goes viral online.

After a recent performance at the Broadway Theater in New York with her role in ‘Here Lies Love,’ a musical centered around the story of Imelda Marcos, the former first lady, Lea Salonga found herself in an unexpected situation when a devoted fan entered her dressing room.

The incident was captured on video and quickly went viral. The video prompted one fan to break his silence and address the controversy.


Digital creator Cristopher Retokelly Carpila, the fan involved, took the opportunity to assure his loved ones that he was safe, despite facing criticism from Lea’s fans. Carpila acknowledged the significance of privacy, protocol, and security in such situations, emphasizing the need to respect these boundaries.

He explained that he recorded the video to inform his family and friends about the incident and shed light on the reasons behind their presence in the dressing room.

“Privacy, protocol at security, ang sarap talagang pakinggan ‘yung tatlo na yan. Nag-video po ako para ipaalam sa inyo na ipo-post ko na po ‘yung video na kung bakit nandoon po kami,” Carpila said.

In the video, Lea can be heard politely declining Carpila’s group’s request for a photo and requesting that they leave the dressing room, redirecting them to wait for her outside.

The Pinay singer emphasized the importance of adhering to the guest list and maintaining security measures, highlighting that granting exceptions would set a precedent for others to take advantage of similar situations.

In response, Carpila shared a video showcasing fans patiently waiting outside the Broadway Theater, eager to catch a glimpse of the show’s cast. He proudly displayed a photo of Arielle Jacobs, the lead star of ‘Here Lies Love,’ and playfully assumed the role of Marcos.

Lea, in an effort to address the incident, clarified that Carpila’s group had no affiliation with the show’s producers, contrary to claims made by certain Filipino fans.

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