Female Cat Lover Shares Heartwarming Photo of Her Dad Cradling Their Kittens

Female Cat Lover Flexes Sweet Dad Cradling Their Kittens

Cuteness overload ensues with a heartwarming post from a female cat lover featuring photos of her father cradling their adorable kittens.

The story unveils an unexpected transformation of a once reluctant parent into a loving, doting caregiver to their feline companions. According to Raechealyn Acebuche, her father had never been fond of cats. Whenever a cat on their property gave birth, he would insist on either getting rid of the kittens or putting them up for adoption.

“‘Yung papa ko po, hindi po talaga siya mahilig sa pusa. Everytime na may nanganganak na pusa sa amin, lagi niyang sinasabi na itapon na o kaya ipaampon pero nage-end up na aalagaan lang din namin,” Acebuche said.

Female Cat Lover

However, despite his initial reservations, the family would always end up taking care of the adorable feline babies.

“Kahit lagi niyang sinasabi na itapon, nahuhuli ko siya na nilalambing mga pusa nang patago Tapos kapag gutom na mga pusa namin, binibigyan niya ng cat food, kapag nag poop, siya rin nag-aalis ” she shared.

As days turned into weeks and weeks into months, Raechealyn noticed a significant change in her father’s attitude towards the furry little creatures. Despite his claims of not liking cats, he couldn’t resist showing affection to them in secret.

Female Cat Lover

He had a soft spot for their playful antics and couldn’t help but provide them with the care and attention they needed.

The transformation was remarkable, and the kittens seemed to have won their way into her father’s heart. He became an attentive parent to the feline brood, fulfilling their needs, and showering them with love.

“Parang kagaya lang rin po ng ibang parents na sinasabi ayaw sa pusa/aso pero ang ending, gusto rin pala, lalambingin tsaka bine-baby pa parang anak” she added.

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