DSWD Transportation Cash Assistance — Here’s Guide on Who May Avail the Aid

Guide on DSWD Transportation Cash Assistance Offer Coverage

DSWD TRANSPORTATION CASH ASSISTANCE — Here is a guide who may avail the transportation aid from Department of Social Welfare and Development.

One of the biggest government agencies in the Philippines is the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD). It caters services to countless Filipinos on a daily basis. Its programs are mostly centered on helping Pinoys in crisis most especially the poorest of the poor.

There is at least one office of DSWD in every city or municipality in the country. These are the branches where the people may apply for assistance for certain circumstances. The government agency has set eligibility requirements or qualifications and documentary requirements in applying for assistance — which you can check below.

DSWD Transportation Cash Assistance
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One of the offers of the government agency is the DSWD Transportation Cash Assistance. It is extended to individuals and families who are in need of assistance in covering the transport expenses such as the following:

  • individuals displaced by natural disasters
  • victims of human trafficking
  • elderly
  • physically disabled individuals
  • pregnant women
  • pickpocket victims
  • new mothers
  • transport of the deceased

Do you want to know the maximum amount that you may receive under the offer? Feel free to visit — DSWD Cash Assistance: The Maximum Amount You May Receive.

To apply for the assistance, there are documents that you must submit. To check on the specific documents that you will need, feel free to visit — DSWD CASH AID – How to Apply for Assistance & the Requirements You Must Submit.

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