Toni Fowler to Rendon Labador: “Plastic ka, pinapakita mo lang para kumita”

Toni Fowler Called Rendon Labador “Plastic” for Faking Image on Social Media

Vlogger-influencer Toni Fowler called “motivational speaker” Rendon Labador “plastic” for allegedly faking his image on social media.

Toni Fowler spoke with Isko Moreno on the current episode of “ISKOVERY NIGHT” about the controversial social media celebrity Rendon Labador. Toni expresses her displeasure with Rendon’s online demeanor.

Toni stated during an interview with Isko Moreno that Rendon exhibited a different demeanor on social media than his genuine nature. She underlined that he was genuinely a nice person.

Toni Fowler Rendon Labador

Toni felt Rendon’s goal for portraying a malicious image on social media was merely for the sake of getting attention and fame. She said that he purposefully displayed a negative side of himself in order to gain a following and generate money.

“Para sa akin, hindi ikaw yan. Yung pinapakita mong pangit na ikaw. Plastic ka, pinapakita mo yun para lang kumita ka.” she said in the interview. “Kasi hindi ko siya ganun nakilala, ninang ako ng baby niya. He’s portraying an image na hindi siya for the sake of fame and money, which is a flop and a fail.

Toni Fowler expressed her dissatisfaction, claiming that this representation contradicted the Rendon she had grown to know, even mentioning that she was his godmother. She thought him a failure since he had drifted from his true nature in quest of popularity and financial gain.

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