Pinay Vlogger Toni Fowler Reacts to Charges Filed by KSMBP

Toni Fowler

The Pinay vlogger Toni Fowler reacts to the charges filed by the Kapisanan ng Social Media Broadcaster ng Pilipinas. The content creator expressed her intention to defend herself amidst the controversy. Toni clarified that she had not displayed explicit content. She reiterated that nobody has the authority to dictate what women should do and wear.

Toni Fowler to KSMBP: “Wala kayong puwang para sabihan at pagbawalan ako”

Toni Fowler

Toni Fowler Releases Statement in Response to Charges Filed by KSMBP Toni Fowler, the popular Pinay vlogger, has issued an official statement in response to the charges filed against her by the Kapisanan ng Social Media Broadcaster ng Pilipinas (KSMBP). These charges stem from explicit content featured in her YouTube videos. In her statement addressing … Read more

Toni Fowler Music Video Issue: KSMBPI Files Charges

Toni Fowler Music Video Issue

TONI FOWLER MUSIC VIDEO ISSUE – This is what will happen if the vlogger is found guilty of violating a law. The Kapisanan ng Social Media Broadcasters ng Pilipinas, Incorporated (KSMBPI) filed three counts of violations against Toni Fowler because of her music videos. She accordingly violated Article 201 under Republic Act No. 3815. Now, what … Read more

Toni Fowler: What Will Happen If She’s Found Guilty?

Toni Fowler

What will happen if Toni Fowler is found guilty of the complaints? Famous vlogger Toni Fowler was slapped with a cybercrime charge for indecent music videos and this is what can happen if she gets a guilty verdict. The Kapisanan ng Social Media Broadcasters ng Pilipinas, Incorporated (KSMBPI) filed a complaint against vlogger Toni Fowler over … Read more

KSMBPI Files Charges vs Toni Fowler Over Explicit YouTube Videos

Toni Fowler

The Kapisanan ng Social Media Broadcasters ng Pilipinas (KSMBPI) filed charges against Toni Fowler over explicit YouTube videos. The Pasay City Prosecutor’s Office files charges including violations of the Revised Penal Code Section 201 in Relation to the Cybercrime Law, which carries substantial penalties against the content creator.

Toni Fowler Faces Legal Charges Over Explicit YouTube Videos

Toni Fowler

Pinay Vlogger Toni Fowler Currently Faces Legal Troubles Over Explicit Videos on YouTube The popular Pinay vlogger Toni Fowler is currently facing legal charges for her sensitive and explicit YouTube videos. The Kapisanan ng Social Media Broadcasters ng Pilipinas (KSMBPI) filed charges against the content creator for allegedly producing three music videos on YouTube containing … Read more

Rendon on Toni Fowler Calling Him Plastic: “Akala mo lang kasi gawa ka sa plastic”

Rendon Labador Reacts to Toni Fowler After Calling Him Plastic The so-called “motivational speaker” Rendon Labador reacts to vlogger-influencer Toni Fowler after calling him plastic. Toni Fowler, an actress-vlogger, previously voiced her thoughts on Rendon Labador in an interview with Isko Moreno. Toni is displeased with Rendon’s online conduct. Rendon was named the most plastic … Read more

Toni Fowler to Rendon Labador: “Plastic ka, pinapakita mo lang para kumita”

Toni Fowler Called Rendon Labador “Plastic” for Faking Image on Social Media Vlogger-influencer Toni Fowler called “motivational speaker” Rendon Labador “plastic” for allegedly faking his image on social media. Toni Fowler spoke with Isko Moreno on the current episode of “ISKOVERY NIGHT” about the controversial social media celebrity Rendon Labador. Toni expresses her displeasure with … Read more

Toni Fowler Makes Revelations About Rendon Labador, Zeinab Harake

toni fowler rendon labador zeinab harake

Toni Fowler talked about her fellow social media personalities Social media personality Toni Fowler made revelations about her fellow content creators Rendon Labador and Zeinab Harake. Toni is one of the most followed social media personalities nowadays. It is known to many netizens that several times, Toni went viral because of her controversial statements as … Read more