Julia Barretto and Siblings Send This Gift For Dennis Padilla

Ogie Diaz reveals what Julia Barretto and her siblings gave their father on Father’s Day.

JULIA BARRETTO – This Father’s Day, Dennis Padilla received a gift from her children but failed to get this one thing from them.

Marjorie Barretto and Dennis Padilla broke up in 2007 and since this, he developed a tumultuous relationship with their children Julia, Claudia, and Leon. And through the years, it is no secret when it comes to their estranged bond.

In a previous interview, Julia said that she isn’t ready to reconcile with her father just yet after many years of push-and-pull connection. They just repeatedly hurt each other and she eventually got tired of it.

“I just feel like [my dad] has to be my number one protector and that’s not what I’m getting. It hurts. It’s sad,” she confessed. The estranged bond went on that Dennis could only reach out to them on social media by posting throwback pictures.

But the reality is, the public doesn’t know their story. All that the public knows are the surface of these things only.

And as Father’s Day passed by, Dennis shared that he has received a gift from his children. Julia and her siblings sent her food but there’s one thing he did not get and that is a letter with a greeting from them.

He waited for it all day but there was not a single from any of them.

Dennis then shared a letter he penned last year for them which he keeps and carries with him all the time. In the letter, he expressed that to be their father is his greatest honor and he may not be there with him but they are always with him in his heart.

He has many regrets but he only has one wish and that is to be with them. He wrote, “I would love to spend some time with you. After all, there is not much more to life than that.”

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