Netizen Claims ‘Lato-Lato’ as Demonic: “Imbensyon ng mga Kulto ng demonyo”

Netizen Describes Viral ‘Lato-Lato’ Toy as Demonic

A male netizen goes viral and elicits reactions online after claiming ‘lato-lato’ toy as demonic calling it “Imbensyon ng mga Kulto ng demonyo”.

A Facebook user named Joshua Kenneth Abit has shared a post warning parents and guardians about a toy called “Lato Lato” that allegedly originated from the United States and India.

The post claims that the toy is associated with demonic cults and has sinister meanings behind its hand motions and sounds. However, it is essential to approach such alarming claims with caution and employ critical thinking before accepting them as factual information.


According to the post, “Lato Lato” is supposedly the original name of the toy, known as “Clackers” in the United States. It alleges that the repetitive hand signal and noise produced by the toy strengthen the presence of demons.

The post suggests that the toy’s motion is identical to the hand sign of the demon Baphomet, and the sound it makes stems from rituals performed by Baphomet worshippers during a specific time of the year.

The male netizen even gives his explanation to prove his claims:

Tak = 3

Tak Tak Tak = 3 + 3 + 3 = 9 (repeat it 3 times)

Bale ang makukuha mo na sagot ay tatlong “9” na kung ihahambing mo ay magiging “999”

Ang “999” ay sumisimbolo bilang infinity, and infinity means evil, na kung babaliktarin mo ay magiging “666” (Mark of the beast) symbol of Baphomet.


Abit also dropped some Bible verses.

While the post attempts to link the toy with demonic practices and symbols, it fails to provide any credible evidence or verifiable sources to support its assertions. It is important to exercise critical thinking and scrutinize claims before accepting them as factual.

Without reliable evidence or reputable references, it is challenging to substantiate the allegations made in the post.

Here is the full post:

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:


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