VIDEO: Fernando Carrillo Admits To Previously ‘Dating’ Korina Sanchez

Fernando Carrillo Reminisces About Date W/ Korina Sanchez

FERNANDO CARRILLO – Venezuelan star Fernando Carrillo confirmed that he was dating Korina Sanchez before.

Venezuelan actor Fernando Carrillo, who became famous in the country when his 1999 Mexicanovela ‘Rosalinda‘ is now here in the Philippines. The hit series had a GMA adaptation in 2009. It starred Carla Abellana, who played Rosalinda, and Geoff Eigenmann, who played Fernando Jose.

Fernando is in the Philippines to find the next global pop group consisting of three men and three women. This is the actor’s fourth visit to the country.

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In Fernando Carrillo’s Boy Abunda interview on ‘Fast Talk with Boy Abunda’ on Thursday, June 8, he expressed his admiration for the country. He said, “I love this country very much and I really have a love story with the Philippines. I’m here because I really believe in Filipino talents.”

The King of Talk asked if he had ever dated a Filipina before. The 57-years-old actor dropped a little bombshell when he admitted to “dating” a very smart Filipino lady.

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When Boy Abunda asked him if he had ever dated a Filipino woman in the past, Fernando Carrillo confessed that he went out with Korina Sanchez with some friends. Korina is now married to former Senator Mar Roxas, with whom she shared twins. The Venezuelan actor is now married to a woman from Colombia.

“It depends on what ‘date’ means, but I went to dinner with a very smart Filipino. Can I say who it was? Or are we going to get in trouble, Fernando said. “I have huge respect for Korina Sanchez. She’s a good friend, and I respect her very much.”

Fernando mentioned that their dinner took place on a previous trip to the nation, but he did not provide any other information.

“We did an amazing interview once upon a time in Miami, and then I came to the Philippines once. And we went to have dinner with some friends. [Maybe that], we can call it a date. But she’s a dear friend whom I respect and I admire very much,” said Fernando.

Watch the video below:

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