Karen Davila Admits Korina Sanchez is Not Her Friend Ever Since

Karen Davila Reveals Korina Sanchez and Her Are Not Friend Since Then

Veteran broadcaster Karen Davila admitted that co-broadcaster and TV host Korina Sanchez is not her friend ever since.

Karen Davila, an ABS-CBN news anchor, was recently interviewed by YouTube video creator Very Wang. This took place during the reunion of former and present ABS-CBN news anchors on the occasion of Ging Reyes’s 60th birthday and impending retirement as director of News and Current Affairs.

Karen Korina Friend

They talked about Karen’s first interview on Korina Sanchez’s “Korina Interviews” show in the aforementioned interview. Recall that their interview gained a lot of attention on social media and elicited diverse responses and comments from internet users.

If Karen were to describe such an interview, she would remark that it was “in God’s perfect timing” from the bottom of her heart. Karen is also conscious of the fact that many people would describe their interview as “plastic” or arrogant.

“In social media they would say, ang pa-plastik niyo, ‘di ba… ang fake n’yo… But you know, I’d like to say from the bottom of my heart that interview with Korina was really in God’s good and perfect time,” said Karen.

Karen said that throughout her nearly two decades at ABS-CBN, she and Korina have never actually been friends. They were never given the chance to converse or appear together in a newscast or show, according to her.

“Yes, Korina and I… Ayaw ko namang magpakaplastik, we were not friends. We didn’t have the opportunity in ABS-CBN to sit together, to talk with each other. And for whatever reason it was, we were both busy, the competition is too much. ABS was a very competitive environment. And I think everybody who would see this would know that, right?” she said in the interview.

“But to me, to meet Korina when she came to the house. I would already see Korina in Socials because we have the same set of friends, but really napakagaan. Bakit ganon? Because it is in God’s perfect time,” added the journalist.

Currently, Korina is no longer on ABS-CBN and has shows on NET25 and TV5, although “Rated Korina” can be seen on Kapamilya Channel and A2Z Channel 11 as their content provider. Meanwhile, according to rumors, Karen’s alleged interview with Korina for the latter’s vlog, which Koring promised her, is set to get started.

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