Alex Gonzaga: Ryan Bang Shares Why He Liked Her Before

In a new video, Ryan Bang and Alex Gonzaga reminisce about their past.

ALEX GONZAGA – It is no secret that something happened between Ryan Bang and Alex Gonzaga before and here’s a small part of their story in the past.

In 2014, actress-vlogger Alex Gonzaga apologized to Ryan Bang because of her jokes. It was also during this time their friendship ended. Some unpleasant circumstances happened that broke their closeness.

They eventually got okay but it was not the same as before.

For Alex, what she learned from this is that friendship is earned. Closeness is not something that is forced out between people along with trust and comfort. But many years later, the two collaborated for a new vlog and it seems like everything is ironed out between them.

Alex Gonzaga and Ryan Bang

In the new video of Ryan, they can freely exchange banters, laugh together, joke about each other, and tease each other. Indeed, time heals all wounds. They even comfortably talked about their past and his “panliligaw” to her.

According to Ryan, Alex is someone who is not hard to like. He claimed that “walang hindi makakagusto sa kanya” once they got to know her deeper. And he added teasing her, “Kung kilala mo siya. Pero kung hindi mo siya kilala, mukhang epal eh!”

They also reminisced about their past bonding like their time in his car and how she has always liked to turn the volume at maximum with Ariana Grande songs.

Alex then shifted their conversation by asking this: “Bakit ba ang OA mo nun dati?”

To which Ryan answered, “Kasi may gusto ako sa’yo nun.”

Ryan explained that the reason he easily got affected by her before was because of his feelings. This is because he is certain that he can joke around with anyone her doesn’t have any romantic feelings with.

“Nasasaktan ako kasi kahit biro mo sa akin malaking bagay yun kasi may gusto ako sa iyo eh,” he admitted.

In their conversation, Alex commended Ryan for making his dreams to become a rich man come true. He has said to her before that he wanted to be rich and with his businesses now, the actor surely now has a thick pocket.

Watch their video here:


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