PhilHealth Requirements – Here’s What You Need To Submit in Applying

PHILHEALTH REQUIREMENTS – If you want to apply for membership to PhilHealth, here is a guide on the documents needed for application.

One of the preparations against the unforeseen medical emergencies, even non-emergency situations, is to be a member of the Philippine Health Insurance Corp. To apply for its membership, there are PhilHealth requirements you must prepare and submit.

Requirements for PhilHealth Application – Here’s What You Need To Submit

Guide on the Requirements for PhilHealth Application & the Process

REQUIREMENTS FOR PHILHEALTH APPLICATION – Here is a guide on the documents that you need to prepare and submit to become a PhilHealth member.

Many Filipinos are members of the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation or more commonly called PhilHealth. It is a state-run health insurance agency that offers exclusive benefits for its members. The said benefits include assistance during both emergency and non-emergency cases.

The PhilHealth membership is open for employed, self-employed, and unemployed individuals. Usually, the PhilHealth benefits cover both the hospital bills and the fee of the attending physician or doctor.

Requirements for PhilHealth Application

There are individual case rates in both inpatient and outpatient cases and PhilHealth has also set maximum limits on the sessions covered under each benefit. Do you want to check on the benefits offered by PhilHealth for its members? You may visit – PHILHEALTH BENEFITS – Here’s List of Benefit Offers for Members w/ Updated Accounts.

If you want to apply to become a member of the Philippine Health Insurance Corp., you need to prepare the following documents to submit for PhilHealth application:

  • two (2) copies of the PhilHealth Member Registration Form (PMRF)
  • two (2) latest 1×1 ID pictures
  • two (2) valid IDs or a photocopy of your PSA-issued Birth Certificate
  • Barangay Certificate

If you are employed, you need to submit your duly-accomplished PMRF and the other documents to your HR Department. If you are self-employed or unemployed, you can submit your application form and the other requirements for PhilHealth application to a Local Health Insurance Office or PhilHealth Express outlet. You will get your PhilHealth ID card and the Member Data Record (MDR).

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