Honest Boy in Masbate Returns Lost P40k to Respective Owner

Honest Boy Found Lost P40k, Returned it to Respective Owner

An honest boy in Masbate earns praise online for returning lost money worth P40,000 to its rightful owner.

In a world often characterized by deception and hidden agendas, honesty stands out as a powerful virtue that has the ability to transform relationships, foster trust, and cultivate integrity.

Honesty is a fundamental value that guides individuals and communities toward authenticity, openness, and transparency. Whether in personal interactions, professional endeavors, or societal institutions, honesty plays a vital role in shaping a harmonious and ethical society.

Honest Boy

At its core, honesty involves speaking and acting truthfully, free from deceit or falsehood. It encompasses being genuine and sincere in one’s words, actions, and intentions. Honesty is not just about avoiding lies; it goes beyond that to embrace the responsibility of conveying accurate information, admitting mistakes, and accepting accountability.

Recently, John Laurence Aballe, a grade 6 pupil from Barangay Sta. Cruz in Masbate, discovered a lost wallet containing P40,000 in cash. Without hesitation, he returned the money to its owner, Jocelyn Estrera.

Despite living in poverty and facing financial hardships, the young boy chose to do the right thing. Aballe was supposed to bring lunch to his father when he stumbled upon the lost wallet.

Without delay, he sought out the owner to return the item. Mrs. Estrera intended to use the money to start a small business.

Mr. Eliseo Rosasina Jr., principal of Sta. Cruz Elementary School commended the grade 6 student for his honesty. He expressed hope that Aballe’s virtuous act would inspire the younger generation.

Honest Boy

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Honest Boy

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