Alex Gonzaga Meets Children Of Joel Cruz

This is what happened when Alex Gonzaga met the children of the perfume magnate.

ALEX GONZAGA – Actress-vlogger Alex Gonzaga house raids perfume mogul Joel Cruz and met his eight children.

Chateau de Milagros is the three-story mansion of Joel Cruz where he and his eight children live. The name is in honor of his mother who he loves dearly. This structure of French architecture is the physical sign of the monumental success of Aficionado Germany Perfume.

He owns several other properties like a mansion in Baguio and a resthouse in Tagaytay but the Chateau de Milagros remains his main base.

And recently, actress-vlogger Alex Gonzaga visited him and his children in their main base.

Gonzaga did a house raid as seen in her latest vlog and, at the same time, she met his children. Joel has eight children, all of them were conceived through surrogacy. The process gave him three sets of twins and two others.

His twins are Prince Sean and Princess Synn, Prince Harvey and Prince Harry, Charles and Charlotte and he also has Zeid and Ziv. The process of having them cost him a huge amount of money and before having them, he went through a long process.

In a previous article, he spent Php 12 million for his first set and Php 11 million each for his second and third sets. It also cost him Php 9 million to get Zeid and another Php 9 million for Ziv.

It looks like every penny he spent was worth it.

Alex met all of them in her recent vlog and she loved them immediately. Their foreign features came from their mother and the scent mogul proudly shared stories about them.

Check out the video below:


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