4 Frat Members Jailed After Beating Man Who Stared at Them

4 Frat Members Arrested for Beating a Man Who Allegedly Is Staring at Them

Police authorities arrested four (4) frat members for reportedly beating a man who they suspected of staring at them.

Four Tau Gamma Phi fraternity members were arrested, according to the article. They allegedly mauled a man who was staring at them while swimming at Cambuhawe Spring in Barangay Cambuhawe, Balamban town, midwest Cebu.

Frat Members Beating Man

The accused were identified as Kyle Jake Basbas Abadinas, 22; Brandon Jay Saga Pacquiao, 21; Bernie Sarsalejo Jr., 22; and Kenneth Basbas Abadinas, according to the police report. Agripino Seblos Mongosera, 18, was recognized as the victim by police.

The victim and the suspects are both from Balamban. Based on the report, the first three suspects were apprehended in a subsequent operation, while Kenneth, accompanied by his mother, surrendered to police around noon on Friday, May 26.

According to Lieutenant Colonel Glenn Hife, chief of the Balamban Police Station, the victim was brought to the hospital after suffering bruises on his body. Kenneth and Mongosera, according to Hife, were both swimming in the pool with their buddies.

But Kenneth apparently became enraged when he noticed the victim staring at him. As a result, the suspect became irritated and assaulted him. Kenneth’s coworkers also assisted in mauling the victim. The victim was severely hurt when the suspects struck him in the face with a paddle.

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