Mother Left Devastated After Maltreated by Own Son “Ginugulpi ako ng anak ko”

Mother Left Devastated by Betrayal and Abuse from Her Own Child

A mother finds it unbearable to contain her sorrow after enduring mistreatment at the hands of her own child, right in front of his partner.

In a heartbreaking Facebook post, Sonia Almanza shared several photos as evidence of the abuse she experienced from her own son, identified as Jayvee Almanza. The post garnered various reactions from the online community.

According to the victim, they had a heated argument that escalated into physical violence. Mrs. Almanza further revealed that the partner of her son, Jenyveeb Silang, was present during the incident, merely watching the ordeal unfold.


The victim expressed her disbelief, as she had always expected her son to be her ally in life. She admitted to having shortcomings as a mother but never anticipated that her own child would inflict harm upon her.

Here is the full post:

grabe ginawa nyo sa akin sobrang sakit savkaloonban ko habang ginugulpi ako ng anak ko jayvee almanza kasama yang babae na yan jeanyveeb silang alyas igat parang awa nyo na ituro nyo silang dalwa akala ko pag laki ng anak ko sya ang kakampi ko sa buhay ko kung nag kulang ako pasensya pero hindi mo dapat ako ginulpi habang yang babae na yan nakangise tatawatawa pa na sinasaktan ako ng anak ko siguro naman ginawa ko nang lahat bilang ina eto ba ang kabutihan ko eto ba kapalit sa mga kinauukulan tulungan nyo ako mahuli yang dalwa na yan hindi lang ho ilang beses ginawa pero eto po ang malma ginawa sa akin

Currently, the authorities are searching for the suspects.

Mother Mother

The bond between a parent and child is often considered unbreakable, built on love, trust, and mutual support. However, in Sonia’s case, this bond has been shattered by the very person she nurtured and raised. Her experience serves as a reminder that familial relationships can sometimes be fraught with unexpected challenges and heartbreak.

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