Son Praises Hardworking Mom Who Ventures into Various Livelihoods

Hardworking Mom

Proud Son Flexes Hardworking Mom Venturing into Various Livelihoods to Provide Family’s Need A loving son praises his hardworking mom who ventured into various livelihoods to provide for the needs of their family. Recently, Brent Gio Yuhan, a Facebook user, proudly showcased his hardworking mother who ventured into almost every possible livelihood to provide for … Read more

Mom Praises Religious Son for Spreading Faith at School

Proud Mom

A proud mom commends her religious son for preaching and sharing the word of God at school during his free time. Yumi Grace, a woman on social media, shared a heartwarming photo of her son actively sharing the word of God during their school’s free time. She expressed her gratitude, highlighting that her children, despite … Read more

Father & Son Lost Their Lives After Attacked Inside Their Home


Fearless Suspect Attacked Father and Son in Mulanay, Quezon MULANAY, QUEZON – A father and son lost their lives after being brutally attacked inside their home. Crime is a broad and complicated problem that affects communities all around the world. Crime, from petty robbery to severe acts, threatens the safety and well-being of individuals and … Read more

Son Defends Street Cleaner Mom “Kinahiya ng Girlfriend”

Street Cleaner Mom

Loving Son Defends Street Cleaner Mom Against Girlfriend’s Criticism A loving son defended his street cleaner mom from those who belittled her profession “Kinahiya ng Girlfriend”. A Facebook user named Andry Valiao recently shared a video of his mother, who works diligently as a street cleaner. The post quickly circulates online and elicits various reactions … Read more

Mom Shares Video of Son’s Joyful Laughter During Baptism


Mom Goes Viral for Sharing Video of Son’s Joyful Laughter During Baptism Ceremony BAPTISM – A certain mom has shared the video footage of her son’s joyful laughter during its baptism ceremony. A TikTok user named Marian Delim Estigoy has shared the heartwarming video of her son who brought smiles and positive vibes online due … Read more