Artist’s Artwork Featuring Roronoa Zoro, Dora & Doraemon Goes Viral

ZORAEMON: Young Artist’s Artwork Featuring Roronoa Zoro, Dora & Doraemon Bings Good Vibes Online

A Pinoy artist’s artwork called “Zoraemon” featuring Roronoa Zoro, Dora & Doraemon goes viral on social media.

A new artwork by the artist Abdullah has taken social media by storm, featuring beloved fictional characters Roronoa Zoro, Dora, and Doraemon all in one drawing. According to Abdullah, he was inspired by a sketch from Harlem Sangre Tenio, which gave him the idea to add his own unique touches to it.

The artist shared his creation on social media, where it quickly gained popularity and admiration from netizens. In the comment section of his post, many expressed their enjoyment of the sketch and shared amusing quips.


Some netizens joked about Dora’s usual sense of direction, noting that even with the help of a robot body, she might still manage to get lost. Others imagined how Dora and Doraemon might time-travel together and speculated about the outcome of such an adventure.

Abdullah’s artwork was praised for its skillful blending of different characters from popular culture. The inclusion of Roronoa Zoro, a character from the popular anime and manga series “One Piece,” alongside the more child-friendly characters Dora and Doraemon, made for a unique and fun combination that captured the attention of many.

With the rising popularity of Abdullah’s artwork, it is clear that many netizens are excited to see more of his work in the future. This latest creation is a testament to his talent and creativity, and the positive response it has received shows that there is a large and enthusiastic audience for his unique style of art.

Here captioned the photo w/:

“Zoraemon HAHAH”

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:


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