Elementary Student Proudly Shares Mom’s Cooking, Touches Many Hearts

Bacolod Student

Elementary Student Proudly Shares Mom’s Cooking at School A elementary student proudly shared his mom’s cooking and touched the hearts of the online community. Ralf Louis Sanchez, a Facebook user, shared the photo of a student from Fernando F. Gonzaga Elementary School in Brgy. Vista Alegre flexes his mother’s cooking. The post garnered various reactions … Read more

HM Student Transforms Ordinary Sardines Into Fancy-Looking Meal

HM Student

A Hospitality Management – HM student named Berlito Montoya earns praise online for transforming ordinary sardines into a fancy meal. The student nearly runs out of cash with limited food options when his two friends visited his boarding house. He used his resourcefulness and culinary creativity to transform the plain sardines into a gourmet masterpiece.

HM Student Flexes Humble Ulam “Sardinas with Style”

HM Student

HM Student Flexes Impressive Sardine Transformation A Hospitality Management – HM student goes viral after flexing his humble ulam (viand) “Sardinas with Style”. Berlito Montoya, a Facebook user, shared a photo of his simple meal with a twist. The post immediately spread like wildfire on social media and elicited comments from the online community. Montoya … Read more

‘Ulam’ for Rendon Labador’s Motivational Rice Earns Reactions Online

Motivational Rice

Netizen Sells Motivational Hotdog to Match Rendon Labador’s Motivational Rice The “motivational hotdog w/ chess”, which serves as ‘ulam’ for Rendon Labador’s motivational rice earns reactions online. The “motivational rice” of Rendon Labador, a motivational speaker, content creator, and entrepreneur, has been a topic of conversation online. Recently, a netizen took inspiration from it and … Read more

Kinder Learner Eats “Asin” as Ulam at School

Kinder Learner

Kinder Learner Earns Sympathy Online For Eating “Asin” as Ulam at School A kinder learner eating ‘asin’ as ulam at school goes viral online and elicits reactions from internet users. A Facebook user named SO NO RA has shared photos of a poor kinder learner who is eating rice with ‘asin’ as ulam during lunchtime … Read more

Security Guard Shoots Co-Workers For Having No “Ulam”

Security Guard

Security Guard Caught on Camera Shooting Co-Workers For Having No “Ulam” MAKATI CITY – A furious security guard shoots his fellow workers for having no ‘ulam’ prepared on the table. In the video, it can be seen that a security guard opened the tray placed on the table. The latter gets upset after he found … Read more