Is It Worth It Studying Art in College?

It is impossible to imagine our modern life without gadgets, the internet, or technology. Nobody is surprised that we can reach someone who is in another country within seconds. Or that we can see who is texting us on a watch. What used to look like a science-fiction film is our reality.

Such a rapid development of technologies and the quick pace of life make a lot of people question their career choice. If AI and gadgets are our future, is there a need to study art in college? Or would it simply be a waste of time and money?

One thing is certain: you should carefully think about where you invest your resources. You cannot refund the tuition fee, nor can you unwind the time to change your choice. We believe that you should follow your vocation. There is nothing wrong with using Writepaper professional help when you do not understand or like the topic of your essay. But when you do not enjoy your studies and do not understand what you are doing in this college, it is a serious issue.

If you feel that your inner creative potential is bigger than the desire to earn great money in a technical field, be honest with yourself. Check our selection of art programs worth your attention. Besides, choosing a career in arts does not mean earning peanuts. Creativity and technical progress go hand in hand.

Which Art Programs Are Worth Studying?


People get obsessed with looking good and successful on their Instagram and Facebook pages. Learn about composition, lighting, and editing techniques to fulfill the demand for high-quality visual content. This job does not have any limits to your creativity or earning capacity.

Film Studies

What do all successful IT guys do after finishing their working day? Yep, they spend hours watching movies or TV series. Be the one who creates the next Netflix bestseller or Oscar winner. By learning how to analyze films from different genres and time periods in college, you can become the new Spielberg of your lifetime.


Both adults and kids love cartoons. But of course, this program is not limited to them. You can study anything from traditional hand-drawn animation to computer-generated graphics. 3D modeling can also open doors both for your artistic development and financial growth.

Graphic Design and Illustration

Creating visual designs for digital media and branding is in demand. This job can never be routine. Once you feel bored, you can change the company or the field of providing your services. Storytelling is another efficient business tool. But no story is complete without images that convey its message (whether in books, magazines, or advertising). You can be employed in a business environment but enjoy being an artist at the same time.

We know what your immediate counter argument might be. It all sounds inspiring and exciting, but why do you need a college degree to master these professions? On the one hand, there are plenty of various courses and platforms that can teach you these skills. But they should better serve as additional tools rather than your main educational mechanism. And here is why.

Benefits of Studying Art in College

Access to resources

Many colleges have art studios and technical equipment that you may not have access to on your own. There is no denying the fact that you can learn photoshop quickly on your own. But your college resources can help you create more ambitious projects and experiment with new techniques under the guidance of experienced professors.

Building your portfolio

You can use your best college works of art as your portfolio if you want to pursue this career. It is much easier than starting from scratch. Very few companies will even agree to give you a test task if you do not send them samples of your creations before that.


College provides a great opportunity to network with other artists, professors, and professionals in the art world. Your dorm mate may offer you an attractive job opportunity in the future. Perhaps you make a collaboration with someone creative you met in college. After all, your professor may be your life-long mentor.

Signs That Studying Art In College Is Not The Best Fit For You

Art can be a challenging field, and it requires dedication, hard work, and a commitment to the craft. If you do not have a genuine interest in art or are not passionate about it, pursuing an art degree may not be the best option for you.

The cost of tuition, materials, and supplies can add up quickly. If you are concerned about the financial burden of pursuing an art degree, it may be better to explore other options. Besides, this field is highly competitive. So if you are not sure that your creative potential will pay off in the future, perhaps it is better to refrain from this major investment.

If the only thing preventing you from entering an art college is the fear of a heavy workload that will sidetrack you from the main purpose, breathe out. Professional essay writing services are always ready to give you a helping hand. You can dedicate your time to discovering your style.

Famous People Who Studied Art in College

Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Frida Kahlo, and Andy Warhol – these names must be familiar to you. All these painters studied at art academies in Spain, Mexico, and the USA. On the other hand, Vincent van Gogh, Jackson Pollock, and Claude Monet did not receive formal art training. They developed their unique styles thanks to observation, experimenting, and the mentorship of fellow artists. Would it be fair to say that you can only achieve success one way or another? 

Bottom Line

Studying art in college can be a great opportunity for those who are passionate about artistic expression, creative thinking, and visual communication. Clearly, it is not the best choice for everyone. Be honest with yourself, and follow your dream and vocation. This article is only food for thought. As the only person who can answer the question in the title is… you.

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