Leni Robredo on Critics of Her Samurai Look: ”May reklamo ka?”

Leni Robredo Reacts to Bashers Criticizing Her Samurai Look

Former Vice President Atty Leni Robredo simply reacts to bashers who keep criticizing her look wearing a samurai outfit.

The chairperson of Angat Buhay recently became viral on social media after dressing up as a samurai warrior in front of Mount Fuji in Japan. She went there on March 23 to thank her supporters and to inaugurate the Angat Buhay programs.

“Was in Tokyo for a few days for a visit to supporters and the launch of our partnerships with them for our Angat Buhay Programs. Thankful that 3 of my good friends accompanied me. But even more grateful to our friends and supporters who brought us around during our very short visit. Will do a separate post on them,” Robredo captions in her post.

Some of her detractors mocked and derided her samurai appearance. However, the nation’s so-called “Nanay” appears to be ignoring the critics of her disguise as a samurai warrior.

Her images next to the cherry blossom tree, as well as her wearing a samurai outfit, which aroused the eyes of her adversaries and critics since it appeared to be demeaning to the samurai, piqued her interest. Someone further claimed that Robredo’s costume was worn backward.

However, on her Instagram stories, the former Vice President flinches when walking while dressed as a samurai. She also added the caption “May reklamo ka? Chozzz,” which appears to be a retort to her detractors.

Leni Robredo Samurai Outfit

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