Young Man Arrested for Filming Female Neighbor Taking a Bath

Cops Arrest Young Man for Filming Female Neighbor Taking a Bath

QUEZON CITY – A young man was arrested and charged with voyeurism after filming his female neighbor having a bath.

In Quezon City on Wednesday night (March 22, 2023), a young man named Angelo Dizon Cabreros of Alicia, Isabela, was arrested and charged with voyeurism after attempting to film his neighbor, Krizia Dominique Largo Capanzana, while she was taking a bath.

According to the police report, Krizia was taking a bath when she noticed a mobile phone positioned in the hole of their bathroom wall outside their house, which appeared to be recording her while she was bathing.

Young Man

She rushed outside right away and noticed Cabreros holding the same phone she had seen in the hole, prompting her to approach him. Cabreros was taken to Quezon City Police District Station 6 after her companions witnessed the altercation.

The police have identified Cabreros as the suspect in this case and charged him with Unjust Vexation and Violation of RA 9995, also known as the Anti-Photo and Video Voyeurism Act, according to PS 6 Commander Col. Morgan Aguilar.

This law aims to protect the privacy, honor, dignity, and integrity of an individual by prohibiting the act of taking photo or video coverage of a person or group of persons performing an intimate act or any similar activity or capturing an image of the private area of a person or persons without their consent.

Young Man

Cabreros’ act of attempting to film Krizia while she was bathing is a clear violation of this law.

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