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Lady Customer Caught Guy Peeping Inside the Cubicle

A lady customer accidentally filmed a guy she caught peeping inside the public restroom’s cubicle she was using.

Nowadays, public restrooms are very important so that anyone from business establishments could come and answer the call of nature. Men, ladies, and children are expecting public toilets to be safe and secured.

However, there are some instances wherein public toilets are not safe for users especially when restrooms are located in not populated areas. The government is already exerting efforts to ensure public safety.

Lady Customer

Recently, a Thailander woman shared the video footage of a guy who is trying to peep inside her toilet cubicle. The lady accidentally filmed the incident while she was using the toilet at a Petrol station.

The young woman noticed the huge gap between the bottom part of the door and the flood. She decided to take out her phone and film the huge gap between the door and the floor.

Lady Customer

Unfortunately, the female customer was shocked after a guy outside the cubicle quickly crouched and tried to take a peek inside the toilet. The guy was also shocked by his actions after seeing the woman filming the incident.

The woman was too scared that the guy might do something bad to her so she decided to remain inside the restroom. After a few moments, the latter called a male friend to fetch her from the bathroom.

There was an employee cleaning the bathroom entrance, I don’t know how he came in unnoticed. How insane would you have to be in order to want to see someone using the toilet? Being a woman is so dangerous sometimes. The Police are now tracking down the person in the video,” the woman said.

What can you say about this? Just feel free to leave your comments and reactions to this article.

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