Law Student Discusses “Contract of Insurance” as Bedtime Story for Her ‘Pamangkin’

Law Student Reads “Contract of Insurance” to ‘Pamangkin’ as Bedtime Story

A female law student discussed “Contract of Insurance” as a bedtime story for her one-month old ‘pamangkin’.

Bedtime stories are an important part of many children’s nightly routines. It’s a time for parents to bond with their children, to provide comfort, and to help them wind down after a long day.

Reading to your child helps promote a love of learning and a love of books. When children are read to regularly, they develop a greater vocabulary, better reading comprehension, and stronger cognitive skills.

Law Student

Bedtime stories also provide an opportunity for parents and guardians to connect with their children. In today’s busy world, it can be difficult to find quality time to spend with your kids.

The video shared by law student Katey featuring her “bedtime story” for her one month old nephew on TikTok has received a lot of laughing reactions. The video immediately goes viral after it was posted online.

Kate is seen in the video tending for her one-month-old nephew. The baby’s mother instructed her to read a bedtime story to the infant until he fell asleep. The naughty auntie, on the other hand, opened her book and discussed “Contract of Insurance.”


Forda not listening???? Pero di pa po tayo lawyer HAHAHAHWHA

♬ original sound – hizonkate on ig 🎀

“Her mom told me na magkwento daw kay baby. I was reviewing that time because midterms week na next week and wala naman ako makwento and since I was holding my book that time, I read to him nalang what I was reviewing,” she added.

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“Forda not listening???? Pero di pa po tayo lawyer HAHAHAHWHA”

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Law Student

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