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MRT-3 Apologizes to Student’s Damaged Laptop but Will Not Pay

MRT-3 Apologizes to Student’s Damaged Laptop but Will Not Pay

MRT-3 Apologizes to the Student Whose Laptop Got Damaged in X-ray Scanner

The Metro Railway Transit Line 3 (MRT-3) apologizes to the student who recently rant after a laptop got damaged in an x-ray scanner.

The management of the MRT-3 apologized to a passenger whose laptop was destroyed after passing through an x-ray scanner at one of its stations. According to their statement, they have already apologized to Allana Columbres for the tragic situation and the lack of sympathy shown by the on-duty personnel.

“The MRT-3 has already reached out to Ms. Columbres to apologize for the unfortunate incident and the manner by which the on-duty personnel failed to act with more compassion towards her. It is MRT-3’s policy for the employees to extend utmost courtesy and tolerance to all passengers at all times,” said the MRT-3 management in their released statement.

MRT-3 Apologizes Laptop

The student commuter revealed on Twitter that her laptop had been destroyed despite being carefully put in the x-ray scanner. Furthermore, it is said that the station guard also declined to assist, demonstrating a lack of care for his condition.

After reviewing the security tape, MRT-3 management discovered that Columbres had put her laptop vertically, contrary to her social media claim that it was horizontal. Based on the article on CNN, She also started a separate area from her possessions and other passengers.

“Moreover, MRT-3’s x-ray machine operator immediately stopped the x-ray scanner when the jam registered on the monitor, to prevent a further pile-up. It was then that Ms. Columbres was able to retrieve her bag,” said MRT-3.

Furthermore, the MRT-3 stated that it has signs informing passengers of the gadget policy and that the administration is not liable for any loss or damage. Nonetheless, MRT-3 management has stated that it will take steps to strengthen employee management in such circumstances.

MRT-3’s security supplier has been directed to begin a series of customer service training sessions for all rail line security personnel. The MRT-3 also urged passengers to be cautious with their luggage.

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