Netizen Lambast Fast-Food Over Cockroach Found in Drinks

Netizen Airs Dismay to Fast-Food Chain After Cockroach Found in Her Drinks A disappointed netizen lambasted a fast-food chain after she accidentally ate a cockroach that was included in her ice cream. Numerous consumers have complained about various fast-food outlets over the past few years after discovering filthy items in their meals. The majority of … Read more

Jay Sonza to First 100 Days of PBBM: “Maaring mali po kami”

Jay Sonza was Dismayed at the First 100 Days of Marcos Jr as President Veteran journalist and Pro-Marcos Jay Sonza was dismayed at the first 100 days of Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr as president. It appears that Sonza was dissatisfied with President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.’s performance during his first 100 days in office. Sonza … Read more

Netizen Airs Dismay to Relative Being Ungrateful to Small Gifts

Netizen Slams Ungrateful Relative after Receiving Few Gifts A disappointed netizen slammed his ungrateful relative on social media for allegedly complaining about the few gifts they received. One of the most popular yet endearing ways to share the blessings you have been getting is to give gifts. Whether the presents are little, medium, or large, … Read more

Jericho Rosales Air Dismay to People Who Left Garbage in the Street

Jericho Rosales Air Dismay to People After Seeing Garbage Left on The Street Actor Jericho Rosales air dismay to people who left their garbage scattered on the street even though the trash bin is wide and very accessible. Jericho took Instagram’s story to share the inconsiderate and not nature-friendly attitude of people who throws garbage … Read more