Male Teacher Flexes Science Experiment of His Students About “Viscosity”

Male Teacher Shares Photos of His Students’ Science Experiment About “Viscosity”

A male teacher goes viral online and earns reactions from netizens after flexing the science experiment of his students about viscosity.

In the viral social media post, science teacher Jonathan Hufancia Azaña is featured conducting an experiment with his students, which garnered thousands of laughing reactions. The experiment was about viscosity, which is a property of liquids that determines their resistance to flow.

In the photo, we can see the students pouring different liquids into a container, including water, shampoo, dishwashing liquid, and cooking oil, and observing how they flow.

Male Teacher

Jonathan shared that this was an excellent opportunity for him to explain the concept of viscosity to his students. He used the experiment to illustrate how different liquids have different viscosities, and how this affects their behavior when poured or moved.

“That picture is all about the science experiment that my students performed and conducted. It is entitled ‘Viscosity Race’ since they measure and determine the viscosity of the four liquids to be used in the test. We used water, shampoo, dishwashing liquid, and cooking oil,” Azaña said

Moreover, the experiment was conducted to compare the viscosity of different liquids to real lava and understand why some types of lava flow faster than others.

Male Teacher

Jonathan explained that this comparison can help students understand the different types of volcanoes and the dangers that they pose. By using a hands-on experiment, he was able to engage his students in the learning process and make complex concepts more accessible.

Here is the full post:

Learning is always possible when you learn it by doing.Always explore,work with one another and be inquisitive! Dont miss the opportunity to learn everyday my dear students. Everyday is a new day to have fun and learn something new.Keep up the good work everyone

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