Vice Ganda Claps Back To Critics After Buying A Very Expensive Dog

This is the clap back of Vice Ganda to those who criticized his decision to purchase a puppy with a hefty price.

VICE GANDA – Celebrity couple Vice Ganda and Ion Perez welcome a new baby but people criticized how they burned cash for th puppy.

In a previous article, real-life celebrity couple Vice Ganda and Ion Perez introduced their new baby to their fans.

“Para lalong sumaya ang bahay namin. Para may mapagshare-an kami ng saya tapos mayrong magpapasaya sa aming bago. Meron kaming lalambingin, meron kaming mamahalin, meron kaming aalagaan,” says Vice in their new video.

They have given their new puppy a name yet. For now, they are just calling him “baby”. They are also planning to hold a baptism event for their new baby.

The Unkabogable star revealed that they’ve always wanted to have a new addition to their family and he was referring to a dog when he said it. Apart from the puppy’s charm, the viewers were in awe of how hefty the price the puppy carries.

The puppy alone is worth Php 380,000.00.

Some netizens thought that the price is too much for a puppy. This amount can accordingly already purchase a car. Some believed that it was such a waste and he could have just adopted and the superstar comedian has a clap back to this.

In the recent episode of the show, he shared that people are questioning their purchase which also made him question what’s it with them. He could not understand why they always to have something to say to his decision.

“Maganda yung mag-adopt talaga ng mga dogs pero may masama ba na bumili kami ng dog? Wala. Kaya pwede kami mag-decide? It’s our life, di ba?” he said.

He added, “It’s our life, it’s our joy. Can’t you just be happy for our joy and for our lives?”

Watch the video below:


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