Vice Ganda Shares Where He and Ion Perez Went To For Their First Date

This is where Vice Ganda and Ion Perez went on their first date. Check out below!

VICE GANDA – Kapamilya superstar Vice Ganda shares where he and his long-time partner Ion Perez went for their first date.

When it comes to giving pieces of advice when it comes to love, it would be Vice Ganda. He has gone through a lot when it comes to falling in love but now, he’s finally settled with someone. Ion Perez is his long-time partner. He finally got his happy ending with the man who is proud to have and proud of their relationship.

The “Unkabogable Love Story” of the two started when Ion joined a pageant and became a member of the superstar’s late-night show. Ion then became Showtime’s Kuya Escort. His charm did not only capture the hearts of the audience but also Vice’s heart and attention.

Last October 19, 2021, they surprised their supporters with a revelation about their intimate civil ceremony at the famous “The Little Las Vegas Chapel”.

The event in their life, a milestone in their relationship, was nothing grand but it was perfect. It happened at a perfect time and it happened at the time they wanted it to happen. And in a recent episode of Showtime, Vice talked about being in love and how nothing else would matter once a person got stuck with it.

Vice spoke about it and said that it’s hard for someone to stand by his or her priorities and principles once love gets in because that’s how it is in being in love unconditionally. The conversation about romantic love started when they met a contestant who’s never been in love yet.

And when the question about their first date came in, Vice shrieked in “kilig”. Accordingly, their first date was in a club but it was a date with their friends. They also have someone to help them cover up what they have, and, as per Vice, to confuse the people.

But the very first date where it’s only the two of them would be the time when they finally came out openly as a couple to the public.


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