Vice Ganda Loses Weight, Ion Perez Has This To Say

Vice Ganda

Partner of Vice Ganda said this over his weight loss. VICE GANDA – The Kapamilya superstar has lost weight and his partner Ion Perez has this to say in the latest It’s Showtime episode. Losing weight is surely what many people want to achieve. This is kind of hard actually if you lack the discipline … Read more

Vice Ganda On Facing An Ex: “Iiwas ako.”

Vice Ganda

This is what Vice Ganda said when asked about meeting an ex. In the recent It’s showtime episode, Kapamilya comedian-host Vice Ganda has this answer when asked about how he will face an ex-partner. At the present time, Kapamilya superstar Vice Ganda is obviously contented and happy with everything he has now. From a successful … Read more

Vice Ganda Becomes Emotional Because Of This Realization

Vice Ganda

Anne Curtis noticed that Vice Ganda became emotional when he talked about this. Kapamilya superstar comedian Vice Ganda becomes emotional in It’s Showtime because of what this contestant has said. Before meeting Ion Perez, Kapamilya star Vice Ganda had been vocal about his worries about growing old alone. His co-hosts in It’s Showtime who eventually … Read more

Vice Ganda In Tears Because Of Ion Perez

Vice Ganda

In tears in Friday’s Magpasikat performance is Vice Ganda and this is the reason why. Kapamilya superstar comedian Vice Ganda is proud of Ion Perez but was also in tears in the show for this reason. What a way to end the Magpasikat week of It’s Showtime! The Magpasikat 2023 performance of Team Jhong Hilario, … Read more

Vice Ganda Replies To Airline’s Apology, Says “PAL-PAK”

Vice Ganda

The airline apologized to Vice Ganda and the comedian has this response. Vice Ganda called out Philippine Airlines (PAL) in a series of angry tweets and has this reply to the apology of the airline. “Grabeng pangaabala at perwisyo ang dinulot mo sa masaya sanang trip na ito!!!” Kapamilya superstar Vice Ganda began. He is addressing … Read more

Vice Ganda Was Allegedly Told: “Hiwalayan mo na si Ion”

Vice Ganda and Ion Perez

Cristy Fermin makes this claim about Vice Ganda and Ion Perez. VICE GANDA – Showbiz reporter Cristy Fermin claimed that there are people telling the Kapamilya star to break up with his current partner. In October 2021, couple Vice Ganda and Ion Perez sealed their commitment to each other through a wedding ceremony. To recall, their … Read more

Vice Ganda Case – KSMBPI Filed Charges Versus Comedian

Vice Ganda Case

VICE GANDA CASE – Due to the cake incident in It’s Showtime, the comedian and his partner will be facing a criminal case. What can be possibly filed against Vice Ganda and Ion Perez’s cake incident on It’s Showtime? Kapisanan ng Social Media Broadcasters ng Pilipinas, Inc. (KSMBPI). filed cases against the hosts, and here … Read more

Vice Ganda Criminal Case, Joey Reyes Has This Reaction

Vice Ganda

Director-writer Joey Reyes has this reaction to the recent issue of Vice Ganda and Ion Perez. It’s Showtime hosts Vice Ganda and Ion Perez face criminal cases and this is the reaction of Joey Reyes, an award-winning director and writer. The Kapisanan ng Social Media Broadcasters ng Pilipinas, Inc. (KSMBPI) has filed a criminal charge … Read more